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Over 5.5 million people call Cook County home. Whether you live in the city of Chicago, one of our 132 suburban municipalities, or our over 150 sq. miles of unincorporated county, Cook County touches your life.

Our services vary from coordinating jury duty to coordinating public hearings, providing health clinic services to providing job training, maintaining 1,474 miles of highways to maintaining  1.8 million property records, printing election ballots to printing birth certificates, ensuring public safety to ensuring public rights – some of the many ways that Cook County is here to serve you. 


Cook County is charged with providing certain services to its people through State legislature and other laws as a Home Rule municipality. Depending where in the County you reside, some services are provided at the state, federal or even local level and are not provided by the County.

Living in the City of Chicago

For Chicago residents, many local services are provided to you by the City of Chicago. Please be sure to check with the city’s website for information regarding services that they provide to its residents.
Services Cook County provides to City of Chicago residents include:



Suburban Residents

For suburban Cook County residents, some services are provided by the County and some by your local municipality. Be sure to check with your municipality to ensure whether they provide these services to you or if they are provided by the County:



Unincorporated Residents

Residents of Unincorporated Cook County look to the County to provide a range of local municipal services:


Services in Cook County Not Provided by Cook County Government


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